Here you will find information and notes on the current program versions of the SESAM software. For a corresponding update of your software please contact us by phone or send an e-mail to Furthermore you can also use the function "Help / Info / Search Update" which is integrated in every SESAM program.

SESAM-Lohnbuchhaltung Professional 2020

  • Adjustments to the statutory changes as of 2020-01-01.
  • Adjustments of digital A1 application (Version 1.4.0) from 2020-01-01
  • Introduction euBP (elektronisch unterstützte Betriebsprüfung) after module-related examination
  • Introduction baBEA (elektronische Arbeitsbescheinigung) after module-related examination
  • Introduction Personengruppe 117 (nicht berufsmäßig Beschäftigte)
  • Introduction of digital UV pay slips incl. retrieval of master data
  • Accounting according to the tax table for 2020
  • Introduction of correction and cancellation procedures for income tax certificates
  • updated elektron. Ütransmission of the wage tax certificates 2020 to the tax office
  • updated electronic transmission of the 2020 income tax return to the tax office
  • Wage tax registration is in principle only sent with Elster certificate
  • Elster certificates can be saved per client
  • Update of ELStAM procedure for electronic retrieval of tax deduction characteristics (subdivision of information into employer and employee information)
  • various convenient functions for the ELStAM procedure (list of failed logouts, copy transfer ticket to clipboard, etc.)
  • Introduction of the individual additional contribution rate per health insurance fund
  • Updating data record DSME (version 05) from 2019-07-01
  • Updating data record DSBD (version 03) from 2019-07-01
  • Display of all accounts and messages of an employee at a glance using Alt+F2
  • Introduction of the UV annual report (reporting reason 92 instead of DBUV for each fee report)
  • Change name "Gleitzone" to "Übergangsbereich" and updating the limit from 850 to 1.300 Euro from 2019/07/01
  • Introduction of "Betriebsrentenstärkungsgesetzes" (BRSG)
  • passed ITSG quality test (GKV certificate)
  • Actualisation of the dangerous tariffs of the employers liability insurance association
  • Integration of "Digitale Lohnschnittstelle" (DLS) for data export for tax examination

SESAM-Finanzbuchhaltung Professional 2020

  • Updated electronic transfer of the 2020 pre-registration VAT return
  • Update of DATEV pro interface to version 5.1 (with fixed-write indicator)
  • VAT pre-registration will in principle only be sent with Elster certificate
  • Elster certificates can be saved per client
  • SEPA procedure updated and stored as standard
  • Direct debit for open items Debtors possible
  • Memos can be displayed and printed in the line item list in the cost status.
  • Assignment of any number of files/documents to a booking and its display in journal, batch, line item list and cost status
  • Introduction "euBP (elektronisch unterstützte Betriebsprüfung)" after module-related examination
  • optional KSK module available for automatic booking of KSK positions
  • free search in the journal and in the batch also searches the memos
  • Import of account statements in MT940 format is possible
  • Additional module sales tax refund procedure (UStVEU with VAT list)
  • Clearing entry for open items as splitting possible
  • Reconciliation indicators can be set in the individual account overview.
  • DATEV interface, various SAP interfaces and many other interfaces
  • Integration of various document archiving systems (Windream, SAPERION, PDF)

SESAM-Lohn, SESAM-Fibu and SESAM-ELStAM from 2018-04-25

  • Since the tax authorities will switch off the open interface in its previous form on 25.04.2018, it is necessary to use our updates from version 01.04.2018 for the above-mentioned programs. From 2018-04-25, older versions will no longer allow Elster communication (wage: LStA, LStB and ELStAM, accounting: UStVA, ELStAM: ELStAM data retrieval).
  • New in these versions is the installation of Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable, which is specified by the tax authorities and automatically called by our installation routine. If there are any problems, the installation can also be started via the link

SESAM-Kalkulation Professional 2020

  • Update of the free calculation framework regarding ARD Eckpunktepapier
  • Updating of the ZDF calculation framework with regard to the self-commitment declaration
  • Filter on calculation type in the main printout is also considered in the special systems
  • Update of the SV, KSK and BG values in the constants to the 2018 status
  • Updating of the tariff rates to 2018
  • Convenient function for setting the license plate "Do not calculate" using the F8 key
  • Traffic light system with integrated cost status
  • Comparison of any calculations of the same calculation frame
  • Cash-Flow-Module
  • Additional module for percentage calculation of additional costs (primarily for charges abroad)
  • Adaptation of DFFF calculations in consultation with FFA
  • automatic calculation of DFFF-percentages for foreign shares
  • Additional column in DFFF evaluation for checking the minimum (25%) of German manufacturing costs
  • PDF printouts can be generated directly from the program
  • several evaluations can be combined in ONE PDF file
  • Evaluations can be sent directly from the program by e-mail
  • Creation of any number of effects (up to now there were max. 4)
  • fast adjustment of the effects per position directly from the calculation list
  • German production costs (DFFF) can also be stated as a percentage for staff and performers (previously only 100%)
  • Switching the language to ALL calculation frames (so far only for FFA)
  • Use of global factors for calculation
  • flexible adjustment of the calculation factors for HU and profit in FFA cost summary
  • clear display of the details in the calculation list
  • Clear display of additional costs for staff and performers
  • for performers, a maximum daily fee can be specified up to which HU and profit are to be calculated
  • About master data - trips quick overview of trips (how many people have a certain trip etc.)
  • More clearly arranged import of the shooting schedule (only ONE dialog in which all settings are made)
  • Direct access (selection lists) to cost centers, accounts, etc. in the SESAM-Fibu

SESAM-Drehplan Professional 2020

  • Images can also be created from the sorted / filtered view
  • Markers remain when switching between rotation order and sorted/filtered view
  • Script import from FinalDraft standard format possible
  • Combining of several shooting schedule projects (episodes) possible
  • Saving and restoring any number of shooting sequences within a shooting schedule project
  • Clipboard to swap out currently unused images
  • Input of the rotation sequence via a list of image numbers
  • fast display of all images of a master record (excerpt on screen)
  • Summary of motifs to locations with corresponding evaluations per location
  • multiple shooting schedules can be combined
  • Master data: marked items can be deleted (multiple deletion)
  • Schedule assembly: Listing by episodes possible (Special button)
  • Small print: remarks can be printed
  • small print out: export as Excel-file possible
  • small print: many configuration possibilities

SESAM-Software - Installation under Windows Vista/7/8/10*

Please do not install the SESAM programs under the Windows Vista/7/8/10* operating systems in the directory C:\PROGRAMME\... or C:\PROGRAM FILES\... or a subfolder of these to avoid problems during program execution. For example, use the directory C:\SESAM\...

SESAM dongle driver for Windows Vista/7/8/10* (as of 12.03.2007)

To use the SESAM-Kalk, -Dreh, -Kost and -Dispo programs under the Windows Vista/7/8/10* operating systems, the current program version is required in conjunction with a USB dongle.

* Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Cooperation