We are a software company from Berlin that has been active since 1986. From 1986 to 1998, the sole proprietorship SESAM-Soft, owner Ernst Schumann, distributed the DOS programs it had developed. Due to the strong acceptance and the resulting expansion of SESAM-Soft in the field of commissioned programming for various film and dubbing companies (in 2008 there were over 350 companies in total, as well as more than 400 production managers, production managers and film directors), we decided in 1995 to found SESAM Software GmbH, which operates in the media industry as an independent company.

Our company consists of eight permanent employees and three freelancers. The SESAM Software GmbH team consists of competent computer scientists as well as experienced film managers and production managers with many years of professional experience, so that we are always in a position to solve problems and questions at short notice and incorporate them into the programs.

In order to meet the growing demands of the market, we have decided to cooperate with other software companies. This cooperation not only secures the investment of our customers in the event of short-term bottlenecks, but also ensures the maintenance and further development of SESAM programs in the long term.

We react quickly, flexibly and unbureaucratically. This is an important premise for survival in the constantly changing media industry. We can also consider individual programming needs of our customers at any time. We would be pleased to advise you by telephone.

1986 SESAM-GS: Fees for voice actors
1987 SESAM-Dispo: Disposition for unit manager
SESAM-Sprecher: dubbing actors - Administration / Casting
1988 SESAM-Lager: synchronous material - warehouse management
SESAM-Atelier: Studio management for Synchronfirmen (synchronous companies)
1989 SESAM-KT: invoice management for ambulance services
SESAM-Fahrer: driver management for ambulance services
1991 SESAM-Lohn: payroll accounting
SESAM-Fibu: finacial accounting incl. cost status with expected costs;
1996 SESAM-WinLohn und SESAM-WinFibu were specially developed for the film and television section under windows. A leading German auditing company certified SESAM-WinFibu as having excellent technical and professional qualities (testing according to GoB, GoBS, FAMA, §§238 f. und 257 ff. HGB, §§ 140 und 145 ff. AO).
SESAM-Kalk: Film Calculation after FFA / ZDF / SAT.1 / RTL / PRO7 etc.
SESAM-Dreh: Creation of shooting plan
1997 SESAM-Film: Film/Schauspieler-Verwaltung
1998 SESAM-Kalk has established itself throughout Germany as standard software and is accepted and used by all leading broadcasters as a calculation program. The SESAM MediaLine is the complete package consisting of shooting schedule and calculation as well as payroll and financial accounting with its extensive data transfer capabilities. In addition, there is the external cost accounting SESAM-Kost, with which the cost status can be evaluated independently of the financial accounting and supplemented by the expected costs.
SESAM-Kost: external cost accounting
2001 W&A: VFF register of works and extraction system on behalf of GGmedia
Prodis II: VFF production information system on behalf of GGmedia
2005 In 2005, the SESAM MediaLine was converted to SESAM Professional. This includes a uniform operating concept with a contemporary user interface and the expansion to include asset accounting, merchandise management and an invoice receipt book. All programs are available as network versions and can be operated as client-server database systems.
SESAM-Lohn Professional has been system-tested by the ITSG since 2006 and thus certified for fully automatic data transfer to health insurance companies. In addition, the data is transmitted to the tax office via the ELSTER interface of the tax authorities. This concerns both the income tax registration and income tax certificate from SESAM-Lohn Professional as well as the advance turnover tax registration from SESAM-Fibu Professional.
SESAM-Lohn Professional
SESAM-Fibu Professional
SESAM-Kost Professional
SESAM-AfA Professional
2006 SESAM-Wawi Professional: Order processing, invoicing and warehouse management
SESAM-Rech Professional: invoice receipt book
2007 SESAM-Vertrag: Contract management with freely definable text modules
SESAM-Dispo: Disposition for dubbing companies
SESAM-Gagen: BAVARIA's fee collection system
2008 SESAM-Dreh Professional
2009 SESAM-Kalk Professional
2011 ISAN-Admin:Administration program for applying for ISAN for the VFF on behalf of GGmedia
2013 W&A: New development (with MS SQL Server) of the VFF works register and distribution system on behalf of GGmedia
Prodis: Production information system (web front-end for broadcasters and producers) of VFF on behalf of GGmedia
2017 SESAM-Kalk: Extension of the calculation framework by ARD corner point paper and ZDF self-commitment declaration as well as new funk calculation framework
2018 SESAM-Wawi: Sending E-POSTBRIEFs, Partner of Deutsche Post
SESAM-Lohn: Development of the additional modules euBP (electronically supported company audit), DLS (digital wage interface) and A1 (application for secondment)