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General questions

Demo Versions

Dongle/hard disk versions


Where can the SESAM programmes be purchased?

The SESAM programs are distributed directly by SESAM Software GmbH in Berlin:
SESAM Software GmbH
Hochkirchstraße 5
10829 Berlin
Tel.+49 30 787 03 888
Fax +49 30 787 09 173
E-Mail info@SesamSoft.de


In what form are the SESAM programs delivered?

The SESAM programs are delivered either on CD or by e-mail as a download path. For some of the SESAM programs a dongle is required for operation. In this case, the software with the dongle will be sent by registered mail. A collection against cash payment is also possible (please make an appointment by telephone).


Are the SESAM programs also available for the Apple operating system macOS?

SESAM programs are not directly available for the Apple operating system macOS. A Windows operating system is required as a basis. The SESAM programs can, however, be run on an Apple operating system macOS via the standard virtualizers (e.g. Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion).


Are the SESAM programs compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/10*?

Yes, the current versions of the SESAM programs run under Windows Vista/7/8/10*.
Important: Please do not install the SESAM programs into the directory C:\PROGRAMME\... under Windows Vista/7/8/10*. or C:\PROGRAM FILES\... or a subfolder of these.


Can the SESAM programmes also be rented for a certain period of time?

Yes, the SESAM programs can be rented as a temporary version for a freely definable period of time. The rental payments made can then be deducted from the purchase price at the end of the rental period.


What about the SESAM programs with updates and service?

For the SESAM programs, an annual update service (subject to a fee) is offered.


What is the difference between SESAM-MediaLine and SESAM-Professional products?

The SESAM Professional programs are a further development of the SESAM MediaLine programs that have proven their worth for years.


If you want to switch from the previous SESAM-MediaLine programs to the new SESAM-Professional programs, do you have to buy the licenses completely new?

No, you can switch from the SESAM MediaLine programs to the SESAM Professsional programs for a fee.


Can existing projects from the previous SESAM MediaLine programs be imported into the new SESAM Professional programs?


Yes, you can import data backups from the previous SESAM MediaLine programs into the new SESAM Professional programs. These are then converted and are available for further processing in the SESAM Professional program.


How to get the demo versions of the SESAM programs?

The demo versions can be ordered conveniently directly from this website via Ordercenter.


What limitations are there on the demo versions of the SESAM programs?

The SESAM demo versions are limited in their input possibilities (number of editable data). The evaluations are completely available as with the full versions.


Must you uninstall the demo version before installing the full version?

No, you can simply install the full version over the demo version.
Important: Before you install a new version or an update, you should always back up your data.


Will the data that you entered in the demo version be retained when you install the purchased full version over it?

Yes, the data will be preserved in the full version if you install it in the same directory as the demo version.
Important: Before you install a new version or an update, you should always back up your data.


What is a dongle?

A dongle is a copy protection and is delivered as a USB plug. The software can only be started if the USB dongle is connected to the computer. The number of dongle is the number of licenses a company has purchased.


How do you recognize the pure shooting schedule dongle?

The schedule USB dongle has a black marking ring on its connector.


If you still have a parallel dongle from a previous purchase of SESAM software, you can exchange it for a USB dongle or you have to buy a new workstation?

You don't have to buy a completely new workstation. You can exchange an existing parallel dongle for a USB dongle. In this case a fee is due for the dongle exchange. Since the USB dongle only runs with the current program versions, an update fee may be added for the program update.

* Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Cooperation.