On this page you will find an extensive range of help files to make working with our programs easier. These include documents that provide assistance with operation and installation, as well as global tables.

Hinweis: To use the SESAM-Kalk, -Dreh, -Kost and -Dispo programs under the Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems, the current program version is required in conjunction with a USB dongle.

SESAM Professional

KK-Satz.ZIP Health Insurance Contributions (SESAM-Lohn)
Sender.ZIP Channel list (SESAM-Kalk)
Installation note: Download the file. Extract the file into any directory. In the respective program, select the import directory (the directory to which the files were previously extracted) via the menu item "File - Global Tables - Import". In the list that appears, select the appropriate entry and start the import with the button of the same name.

Installation Instructions

PDF InstDongle.PDF Installation instructions for programs with USB dongle
PDF InstOhne.PDF Installation instructions for programs without dongle
PDF InstDemo.PDF Installation instructions for the demo CD

Quick Guide

PDF KurzKalk.PDF Quick Guide for SESAM Kalkulation Professional
PDF KurzDreh.PDF Quick Guide for SESAM-Drehplan Professional
PDF KurzLohn.PDF Quick Guide for SESAM-Lohnbuchhaltung Professional
PDF KurzFibu.PDF Quick Guide for SESAM-Finanzbuchhaltung Professional
PDF KurzKost.PDF Quick Guide for SESAM-Kostenrechnung Professional
PDF KurzAfa.PDF Quick Guide for SESAM-Anlagenbuchhaltung Professional
PDF KurzRech.PDF Quick Guide for SESAM-Rechnungseingangsbuch Professional
PDF KurzWawi.PDF Quick Guide for SESAM-Warenwirtschaft Professional
PDF KurzDispo.PDF Quick Guide for SESAM Synchron-Disposition Professional
PDF KurzVertrag.PDF Quick Guide for SESAM-Vertragsverwaltung Professional


PDF Produktblatt.PDF What is the E-POSTBRIEF and what does it cost?
PDF Preise2020.PDF Aktuelle Preisliste 2020
PDF Registrierung.PDF Process E-POST Registration/td>
PDF ChecklisteMitHR.PDF Checklist Registration with commercial register number
PDF ChecklisteOhneHR.PDF Checklist Registration without commercial register number

SESAM MediaLine

PDF InstMedia.PDF Installation Guide for SESAM MediaLine Programs